– Confirm your American Express Card Online or by Phone!, the official website of American Express for their customers to confirm and activate their credit cards online.

Confirming the card online is simple and it has to be done as soon as you have received, as the card will be active only when you confirm and activate it.

Here in this page, we show you how to activate and confirm your AMEX card online using confirmcard website with a step by step guide.

But wait!

What if you just want a simpler way to activate your card? Well, we have that too here. You can also activate your American Express card by calling the AMEX card confirmation hotline. Click here for that.

Now, if you just want to visit the american website, proceed to it by using the direct link.

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How to confirm your American Express card online?

Confirming your AMEX card is simple, and you can do that by following the steps given below:

  1. Use this link to access website, the official website from American Express for card activation.
  2. On this website, you can see that you will be asked to enter your card details with a sample of a normal AMEX card design.
  3. Now, enter the card details when asked and click on the “Confirm” button after that.
  4. If you have an account with already, you can now login to your account by clicking on the “Login” button.
  5. If not, you can sign up for one by clicking on the “Register a new account” link.
  6. Now, complete the registration process by entering the details asked, and log in to your account.
  7. Here, once on your account, you can confirm your card by verifying a few details shown and by clicking on the “Finish” button.
  8. You will be shown a message that your card has been confirmed and you will receive a text message on the registered number once it is confirmed.

How to confirm your American Express card on phone?

Did you know you can confirm your AMEX card by calling their card confirmation hotline?

Here’s the step by step guide for that:

  1. Call the AMEX card confirmation hotline:
  2. You would be connected to a customer service executive.
  3. Now, he/she will ask you which type of card you are having.
  4. Answer that and proceed to answer all the questions.
  5. Your card will be confirmed now.

American Express customer support

If you are facing any issues regarding confirming your American Express card online, the next best thing to do is to get in touch with their customer service for help.

Given below is the toll-free customer service phone numbers of AMEX:

  • 1 800 954 0559 (if you’re in the US) 
  • 1 801 449 4019 (if you’re not in the US) confirmcard FAQs

You might be having some questions regarding American Express confirm card website. Here are all the answers you’re looking for:

Question: Why should you confirm your AMEX card?
Answer: You should confirm your American Express card after you receive it in the mail, because your card will only be active once it is confirmed.

Question: Can I confirm the card using the phone?
Answer: Yes, you can confirm your AMEX card on call. You can follow the steps given above.

Question: Is confirming the card a simple process?
Answer: Yes, as you saw the step by step guide above, the online card confirmation process is simple, and the phone confirmation process is even simpler.

Question: Is this website official website (the one you’re on currently) of American Express?
Answer: This is not a website owned or operated by American Express, we’re here to guide you on confirming your AMEX card using online and phone confirmation methods. We provide the correct links to the official website of confirmcard on this page.

Question: How can I be sure if it is the official website of American Express?
Answer: You can verify the authenticity of the website by checking first if the URL on the address bar is or not. Also, check on the green lock button on the address bar, it will be showing American Express Company [US] in green letters. That is the certificate of authenticity, which has been verified by SSL certificate authorities.

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We hope you activated your American Express card by now using our guide and more from here. But, on some rare occasions, you might find that your card failed to activate using american

In that case, you can always try the phone activation that we mentioned above. That is a failproof method as it directly connects to a customer service executive. If you still face any issues with website, do comment down the issue. Let us help you with it.


  1. I used the phone number 1-800-9540559 to activate my new card I received yesterday. I put in my 15-digit account number three time and it kept saying “sorry, I did not get that”.
    I them called back and tried it once more to no avail. They still said the same thing.

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