americanexpress com confirmcard – How to Confirm your Card?

americanexpress com confirmcard or is the name official website of American Express credit cards for activating the AMEX cards online.

americanexpress com confirmcard

What is the difference between americanexpress com confirmcard &

americanexpress com confirmcard is just a mis-spell. The original and authentic website address os

If you remove the dot and forward slash from, you get americanexpress com confirmcard.

Click on the below given button to access the official American Express card confirmation website:


How to confirm your AMEX card online?

Now that you have visited confirmcard website, it’s time you activate your card online. And here’s a small guide for doing that:

  1. Click here to visit americanexpress com confirmcard website.
  2. Here, you will be presented with a credit card style page.
  3. Now, enter your card details here and click on the “Confirm Card” button.
  4. You will now be asked to login to your account.
  5. Login to your account.
  6. Proceed to confirming your card following the instructions.

Now, this was a quick guide. If you want a much more detailed guide for americanexpress com confirmcard, click here.

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