How to get American Express credit card approval?

If you are planning to apply for new credit card that will take get to the maximum of benefits with rewards and points than you need to analysis your needs, your purchases and some other common yet essential factors.

Most of the people find it hard and tricky to choose the right kind of credit card with significant points and miles that benefits with less annual fees and excellent credit scores.

How to get American Express credit card approval?

If you want to to get approval for the credit application in a significant manner than you should know that application might be denied, as it takes a hard inquiry on credit report, without any upside. Before applying apart from your selecting factors, it is also crucial for you to know the rules and regulations of the bank’s credit card policies. Keeping all norms and restrictions in mind will majorly help you to get the right credit card for yourself.

The familiar yet popular card issuers companies in the market today are American Express, Chase, Citi, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Wells Fargo, etc. The general yet main considering factors for every issuer need a plan application strategy before applying:

  1. Number of Cards
  2. Number and Timing of Applications
  3. Welcome Bonuses

Number Of Cards:

In general when you are going to apply for American Express credit card, then you need to mention how many credit card you have in your name. It is indicated under many major reports that you are just allowed to have five Amex Credit Cards (such as Starwood Preferred Guest ® Credit Card from American Express, etc.) open at any or one time. This includes both personal or business card types. This rule is not applied if you are the holder if charge cards such as Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express or the Platinum Card® from American Express.

If you are wondering to choose in between credit card or charge card than you should know the difference between them, to differentiate in both is quite simple as, charge cards don’t hold a fixed spending limit and must be paid in every month, while on the other side, credit cards to keep a fixed credit limit. It also allows you to hold some balance every month. Carrying a balance and accruing interest is more harmful to the points you have earned on the card which will however also affect your credit score.

Number and Timing of Application:

You need to follow a set of rules when it comes to applying for the American Express Credit Card. How many applications and how timely you can submit them. Let us tell you that there are no published rules and requirements for many submissions yet some necessary and mandatory points are there. These points are great helpers whenever you decide to apply:

  • Apply For Two Card In Single Day: You can easily apply for two cards one credit and one charge or two charge cards in a day. Some reports claim that one application will be likely put on hold as to prevent any scam or fraudulent activity, especially when you are applying for two charge card on the same day. Though it is quite easy to get approval for one credit and one charge card when applied in a single day. However, there is no such defined guarantee is applied over applications that will combine two separate reports into one credit report.
  • Get Approval For More Than Two Card In 90 Days: this general rule is applied when you will ask for more than two cards, whether credit or charge. So it is quite good for you not to apply for three or more Amex credit cards within three months or 90 days.

Welcome Bonuses:

Earlier American Express allows its customers to earn welcome bonuses of the same credit card within multiple times. However, this rule was not applied since after 2014, when issuers card issuers began restricting to one bonus per card limit policy.

You can find it in clear terms about the Welcome Bonus rules and restrictions over cards like Premier Rewards Gold, Gold Delta Sky Miles® Credit Card from American Express, Amex EveryDay® Credit Card from American Express, Hilton Honors American Express Ascend Card, etc.

However, these restrictions were not part of the business cards like Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express. You should understand that personal and business card versions and limitations of the same card are treated and applied separately, so you should be that so eligible to get the welcome bonus on both the cards once issued.

In conclusion, you should know this that American Express has recently updated and added some new language restrictions related to a welcome bonus which will help you get and crack maximum of benefits.

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